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Hair Packages

Hair Packages

  • Silk Press, Moisture & Trim
  • $150,00

    2 Hours
  • Natural silk press w/ Hydration Moisture therapy & Trim

    Moisture treatment w/ blue light therapy to condition and seal cuticle. Performed using light therapy which penetrates hair shaft, seals the cuticle, and prevents heat damage. Recommended for coarse, thick resistant hair types.

  • Egyptian Blowout
  • $145,00

    2 Hours
  • Egyptian Blowout treatment for Natural hair

    Deep  conditioning service is performed under an ultimate hydration light therapy machine for 15 mins. Egyptian Blowout treatment will strengthen the hair stands and prevents heat damage treatment keeps your hair smooth for 30 days.

  • Silk Press & Scalp Detox
  • $225,00

    2 Hours
  • Natural silk press w/ scalp Detox/ Oxygen therapy

    This is for clients w/ seborrhea dermatitis, psoriasis, itchy scalp. Ozone light is applied to the scalp and to help minimize bacteria, control oily scalp and its followed by oxygen treatment that infuses vitamin strengthening solution into the scalp to relieve and minimize seborrhea build up.

  • Silk Press & Exfoliate
  • $180,00

    2 Hours
  • Natural silk press w/ scalp Exfoliation

    Exfoliation therapy transforms your scalp with a vibrating deep exfoliation tool and solution that frees your follicle from suffocating with a 10 minute hydration mist.

  • Bio Body Scan
  • $60,00

    15 Minutes
  • Bio-feedback scan

    This service keeps you up to date and in the know about your nutritional needs. It’s accurate in the moment results and lets you know where your body may need nutritional support by reading the 76 bio makers in your body. Herbal supplement reports are given as well as vitamin recommendations according to your readings.

  • Silk Press & Protein
  • $145,00

    2 Hours
  • natural silk press w/ 2 step protein treatment 

    Are you experiencing hair shedding or breakage this 2 step process will  strengthen the hair strands and followed with a moisture balancing conditioner must be performed 4-6 weeks apart.

  • Scalp Detox
  • $200,00

    1 Hour

    Treatment included Hair is shampooed, detoxed conditioned, blow dried, and light therapy to support scalp detox. Blended mask treatment used to detox scalp from impurities, remove toxins and improving scalp hygiene. Removes oily and product build up from the hair shaft. Good before braids, weaves, and extensions.

  • Silk Press & Flat Iron
  • $85,00

    1.5 Hours
  • Natural silk press w/ flat iron

    Hair is shampooed, conditioned, and styled. This will work for all lengths including short neck length hair.

  • Laser & Scalp
  • $780,00

    30 Minutes (per session)

    12 office visits of 30 mins laser therapy sessions. This increases blood flow to the follicle, improves dry scalp, regulates overactive sebaceous glands, helps control seborrhea dermatitis, stimulates hair growth. Good for thinning hair.

  • Pixie Cut & Relaxer
  • $120,00

    2 Hours

    This package includes a touch up relaxer, mold and curl styling, with hair end trim. The short pixie cut is a classic and trendy style that will never go out of style.

  • Relaxer & Style
  • $135,00

    2 Hours
  • Relaxer Retouch & STYLE

    NEW CLIENTS CONSULTATION MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO BOOKING. Must be within 2 inches of growth. Styling of either flat iron or curls.

  • Scalp Therapy
  • $200,00

    1.5 Hours
  • Stimulating scalp Therapy

    Scalp Exfoliation that includes exfoliation, hydration micro mist treatment. This package also includes 30 mins of Laser (red or blue light depending on scalp condition).

  • Smooth & Relaxer Free
  • $200,00

    2 Hours
  • Smooth & Relaxer free straightening Treatment

    This includes Hydration micro mist therapy treatment leaves your hair manageable, long lasting smooth, frizz control and humidity resistance this treatment keep hair treated for up to 12 weeks of intensely smooth, incredibly shiny.