ALL-N-1 HOUSE OF BEAUTY Hair Replacement Centre and Multicultural Salon specializes in creating solutions for men, women and children experiencing problems with hair thinning, hair loss or alopecia. We are committed to our clients success and have helped many individuals to restore their appearance and confidence.

Our primary focus has been to help clients develop and maintain healthy hair from the inside out. The ALL-N-1 HOUSE OF BEAUTY hair growth program combines good nutrition, customized products, vitamins, herbal supplements, along with our traditional hair care services.



Barbara Brown is the owner of All-N-1 House of Beauty Hair Replacement center and is a certified hair replacement technician who is active in the daily operation of the center. Her love for hair started many years ago while she was a teenager. Being the eldest of  five girls she was privileged to have had her sisters to practice on,  learning and perfecting how to braid and cornrow natural and synthetic hair.  After leaving high school she went straight to beauty school in Jamaica where she formally studied hair, nail and skin care.

After relocating to Canada she took her passion for hair with her, working a full time night job and having side jobs doing hair during the day. After opening her first salon in Canada she decided that she didn’t want to be one of those stylists who is limited to doing only “black hair” so she decided to further her studies to be able to do hair of different texture, and so pursued a certificate in hairstyling at Barbarinos.

Ms Brown believe we never stop learning, so as an independent stylist she travels yearly to New Jersey, Atlanta as well as locally in Toronto to attend industry trade shows and courses. Her specialties are hair loss treatment, hair extensions, weaving,  bridal updos and curly hair care. She truly believes that “good” hair is HEALTHY hair, so whether your hair is dry and frizzy or fine and limp she always ensures you leave her chair educated on how to care for your specific hair type and not to mention looking and feeling fabulous!!



Trichology is the specialized science of the structure, function and disorders of the human hair and scalp. Currently, over 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from hair loss. There are various reasons why people experience hair loss. Each case is different and may call for different treatment but in the end everyone wants the same thing – hair restoration.  Barbara Brown is a training hair loss technician with years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Hair Loss and Hair Restoration.  Barbara Brown gives customized treatment recommendations to both men and women. She also specializes in child hair loss issues. Her knowledge and skills have given us the ability to identify the causes of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp disorders. We have learned the importance of including nutrition and diet in our treatment programs to make every effort to restore the health of our clients’ hair.You don’t have to live with hair loss anymore!

  • Hair Thinning Solutions
  • Hair Enhancements
  • Chemo/Alopecia Prosthesis
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair and Scalp Treatments
  • Hair and Scalp Analysis – Consultations
  • Laser Therapy
  • Nutritional Hair Growth Suggestions

Included in our services are: Precision cuts, relaxers, shampoo-blow dry and curl, etc.

If you are interested in a healthy, thick, full head of hair schedule a Hair Loss Consultation with Ms Barbara Brown today at 416-741-0594 .