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Ultimate Therapy & Vitamin Infusion


The Ultimate Therapy

A 6N1 therapeutic healing. this treatment consist of oxygen therapy, laser light therapy, pre-exfoliating treatment silk press, basic trim and an intense hydrating treatment. this therapy service helps aid by helping help the hair and scalp grow with the support of infusing oxygen and nutrients while hydrating the scalp. The pro-exfoliating process gently exfoliates the epidermis from dead skin cells and impurities. The red light therapy helps increase blood circulation and stimulation to follicles.

Vitamin Infusion

Vitamin deficiency can have a huge impact on hair loss. If your body is lacking certain vitamin, minerals and anti-oxidants then it can reduce your hair growth or even cause the hair follicles to cease production of hair entirely, causing hair thinning and baldness. This alternative treatments for hair loss involves a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants penetrated it into your scalp by using high voltage fusion meso electroporation & LED photo bio-stimulation portable device. We do not inject your scalp. We simply extract the vitamin with the needle for sterilization. Electroporation then penetrated the growth factor deeper in your dermis increasing blood circulation which then oxygenates your epidermis.