Our Intense Hair Therapy combines 5 phases of services in treatment; Scalp stimulation, Scalp exfoliation, Cell Regeneration using an oxygen concentrator and a herbal serum (nutrients usually found in the blood). This is an exclusive treatment performed only at our hair treatment center.

While using oxygen therapy, clients notice fuller and thicker hair within just a couple of weeks. Hair repair realignment processing (water based conditioners) processed with our state of the art equipment, treat hair loss and damaged hair. All N 1 House of Beauty Salon is now introducing its Moisture Therapy/Steam Treatment Processor to complement the Intense Hair Therapy. This steam services emits an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles that penetrate deep into hair follicles. The treatment lasts just more than 25 minutes with several minutes of a therapeutic steam therapy. The heating activates the molecular movement of treatment agents and swells the hair follicles allowing the treatment agents to penetrate deep into the hair, down to the roots. This service locks the moisture inside hair and seals shine. Finally, the hair and scalp are shampooed with our all-natural botanical system which nurtures hair loss to its normal daily fale. Finish styling can complement the treatment for women as well as men.

Each Intense Hair Therapy session lasts for approximately an hour and half.

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