Scalp and hair Therapy applies integrated hair care treatment compromised of pure oxygen and natural hair products products : by combining the powerful action of oxygen with natural plants stimulants.The system cleaning nourish and deeply oxygenates the scalp and hair. The benefit of directly applied oxygen and natural products promotes healthier hair: it revitalize weak hair damaged from bleach perm day – fantastic for women who desire healthier , stronger and thicker hair it may normalize sebaceous section by fighting overactive sebaceous gland and help relive hair of dandruff and dry , itching scalp.

1. Scalp and hair therapy work through 4 components: oxygen specialized shampoo , clay mask and lotion activator(s.)
Oxygen specialized shampoo, clay mask and lotion activator(s)

2. Scalp and hair therapy : oxygen and herbal products for hair care
You may now achieve healthier and stronger hair. Scalp and hair therapy using oxygen and natural preparations. The therapy supplies a normalizing, stimulating nourishing and fortifying action to hair and scalp. The benefits depend on the number and frequently of the applications by the fundamental contribution of pure oxygen.
Each treatment is based on the fact that blood and oxygen are the great allies of hair health. Oxygen produce the fuel needed to build hair. A good local blood flow supplies nutrients to the roots and the raw elements needed to create the proteins that from hair it normalizes. Sebum section fighting oil and dandruff from hair. On the contrary stress hormonal changes ,bad grooming habits and seborrhea and hair’s enemies and a few cause of weaker hair and hair loss.

3. The first results you may archives with scalp and hair therapy
After 3 session – dandruff diminishes.
After 6 session – you notice more resilient stronger hair with considerably less shedding.

A. Scalp and Hair Therapy Programs

For those who want to prevent hair loss or just want healthier, thicker, softer hair. For women with stressed,treated,damaged hair(due to perms,chemical treatment and bleaching etc.) and for men who want to prevent hair loss.

Complete treatment: 4 sessions in 3 months approximately 1 every 3 weeks

For those who have recently stared losing hair (from 3-6 months): the ideal target of oxygen scalp and hair therapy. In these subjects scalp and hair therapy combats hair loss and help to foster the most effective natural hair growth. Complete treatments: 24-sessions 2-sessions per-weeks.

B. Dandruff Relief

For those who experience excessive greasy scalp or dandruff at any-stage or level.Complete treatment: 2-3 session per 1 week and dandruff dissipates then maintenance sessions: (1 session every , 3 weeks for up to , 4 months)

C. New intensive Restoring

To nourish rebuild and strengthen damaged hair and worn-out hair 20 applications once a week.

D. New Soft Restoring

just gentle fast hair care moment to nourish, rebuild damaged hair and worn-out hair: one-10 minutes-long application every time you. Receive Salon services, i.e. cut and blow-dry a perm or a dye.

The first result you may achieve with scalp and hair therapy.
After 3 sessions – dandruff diminishes.
After 6 sessions – you notice more resilient,stronger. Hair with considerably less shedding.